Best PC Gaming Accessories

Best PC Gaming Accessories

When a PC build is complete, the only worry that’s left is to make sure everything around it is helping achieve a more convenient and enjoyable gaming experience. This is where a PC’s accessories come into play.

Stands, racks, mousepads, chairs, and other accessories offer solutions to many issues that can inconvenience PC gamers. Many of which are affordable and have longer lifespans than a PC itself. The following items are some of the best PC gaming accessories.

Best headset stand

The Gamenote RGB headset holder is a helpful accessory that functions as more than just storage for a headset. With RGB lighting at its base, this holder can add flair to any gaming setup with minimal effort.

Additionally, this holder proves to be multi-functional with three AC outlets and three USB ports. The extra ports make the Gamenote RGB headset holder a storage solution that can charge phones while functioning as a power strip for other accessories around it.

Best gaming mouse pad

The SteelSeries QcK mouse pad is produced by a trusted brand, comes in various sizes, and is usually below $20. For that kind of convenience and price, it’s difficult to find another accessory that’s will make a gaming experience more enjoyable for such a small investment.

It’s better to have plenty of mouse room that you might not need than to need plenty of mouse room that you definitely don’t have. Avoid coffee spills for the best effect.

Best external cable management solution

Every well-built PC will have solid cable management internally, but rarely are a PC’s cables managed well from the outside. PSUs, monitors, headsets, microphones, and other hardware, peripherals, and accessories add a large amount of wiring to a rig that can muddy what would otherwise be a clean aesthetic.

Topbooc offers a reliable solution to this issue in the form of its cable management kit. The kit comes with four cable sleeves, 100 zip ties, 10 cable clips, and two adhesive cable tie rolls that will make organizing a PC’s space an easy chore.

Best PC Gaming Accessories

Best cup holder

The best way to avoid accidentally spilling your morning coffee while spam pinging your jungler is to keep it off your desk altogether. The Enhance clip-on desk cup holder is a simple accessory that mounts straight onto any desk surface and provides two compartments for drinks and snacks. If you accidentally smack the cup holder itself, then you might need a bigger desk.

Best gaming desk

When the flick shots start coming in, a lack of space can hinder the gaming experience. Casaottima’s L-shaped gaming desk solves this issue in more ways than one. Its L-shaped design features various lengths, starting at 51 inches on either side, with an iron hook for headset storage and a moveable monitor stand. While the stand and hook are nice touches, the sheer amount of space gained by having two sides to the desk is its true benefit. Second or third monitors, peripherals, and extra accessories all have their required room with this desk. It’s normal to want for skill, but an inconvenience to want for space.

Best desk fan

Sometimes a CPU isn’t the only thing that needs proper cooling. The Gaiatop desk fan is USB powered, has 360-degree swivel, and features three different speed settings to keep your gaming space cool. This accessory is cheap, small, and is particularly useful for gamers in warmer climates.

Best cell phone stand

Keeping one’s smartphone out of the way while gaming but still having it in view can be a problem that’s more annoying than it needs to be. Omoton’s cell phone stand can provide a cheap solution.

This stand is compatible with a wide variety of both iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. There isn’t much to say about this product except that it features a 270-degree adjustable rotation, anti-slip design, and has a clean aesthetic so phones can remain in view and out of the way when games get heated.

Best desk storage

For the peripherals and accessories you don’t use often enough, Cozywell’s under desk drawer is a convenient storage solution. The drawer features an adhesive top that sticks to the bottom of any desk, making installation simple. Its dimensions are 5.9 inches wide, 7.7 inches long, and 2.3 inches high. This size makes it large enough to hold plenty of accessory and peripheral items gamers might need on hand at any given moment, including earphones, extra mice, phones, notepads, pens, or cords.

Best PC controller

It might seem counterintuitive to go out of your way to buy a console controller to use on a PC, but it’s a fact some games are better off played with classic joystick controls. FIFA, the Dark Souls trilogy, GTA V, and all 5,000 Assassin’s Creeds are famous examples of games that are best played with a console controller.

What is considered the best controller mostly comes down to personal preference. If you’re more of an Xbox person, the obvious alternative is the Xbox Wireless controller. The Xbox Wireless Controller, aside from being a preference for some, also has the benefit of seamless integration with Windows 10, so the use of third-party software to connect to a PC, such as DS4Windows, isn’t required.

Best speakers

There will be times in a PC gamer’s life when putting on headphones for a four-hour gaming session doesn’t sound like an ideal option. For these trying instances, speakers play a pivotal role in keeping a casual gaming session relaxing.

The Bluedee computer soundbar is a reliable, high-quality, mid-priced speaker that features 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity and AUX plug-in. It’s powered via USB and boasts RGB coloring to help keep your station looking sharp.

While hardware gets you more frames, it’s the accessories around your gaming rig that decide how convenient and enjoyable the average session is. The problems these items solve are mostly uncommon and won’t be factors for every gamer. But where there’s a need for storage, space, alternative audio sources, controllers, or organization, these can potentially function as reasonable accommodations to alleviate those inconveniences.

Sony launches new PlayStation 5 model featuring updated screw for docking stand

Sony has begun the rollout process for a new PlayStation 5 model. And while that prospect might sound exciting at first, it’s important to note that the newest PS5 model doesn’t include any substantial overhauls to the console’s hardware or internal systems.

Instead, the newest version of the PS5 replaces one of the screws required to attach the console to its stand—a simple quality-of-life change that’s not going to drastically alter the quality of the console in many ways.

The older version of the PS5 includes a metal screw that requires the use of a screwdriver to attach it to the console’s included stand. With the newer edition of the PlayStation 5, though, no screwdriver is required to attach the updated screw to the docking stand, making the installation process much easier. The new screw features a grooved grip around the outside, making it easier to twist into place by hand.

As of today, the PS5 new model has only been spotted in Australia. The latest PS5 models were shipped to the country sometime last week and are available for both the digital and physical versions of the console, according to Australian publication Press Start. Sony has not made a statement or given any official updates regarding when prospective buyers will be able to purchase this model in other countries around the world.

PlayStation 5 availability is still relatively scarce around the globe, but the console is performing well in the sales department. Sony sold over 4.5 million PS5 units in 2020, with even more consoles set to fly off the shelves in 2021. With a new, updated model added to the mix of products as well, it could be easier for consumers to get their hands on a PS5 relatively soon.

Like the real thing but fewer duplicates: SteelSeries x Rainbow Six Siege Black Ice collection impressions

It might not be an in-game cosmetic, but SteelSeries and Rainbow Six Siege teamed up to bring the famed Black Ice skin to players in a tangible new way.

Countless Rainbow Six Siege players know the feeling of opening an Alpha Pack, seeing the purple glow emanating from within and watching the sleeve drop only for Black Ice to evade them once again. For some fans of the series, the hunt for the Epic skin has lasted nearly five years since the release of Operation Black Ice in 2016.

SteelSeries’ limited edition collection features three products dawning the coveted Black Ice skin. Included in the collaboration are the QcK Heavy XXL Mouse Pad, the Prime Pro Series mouse, and the Kontrol Freek High-Performance Thumbsticks. But unlike similar partnerships, this collection delivers in bringing out what makes the Black Ice skin special.

Prime Pro Series Gaming Mouse: Black Ice Edition

SteelSeries’ newest esports-focused line of mice, the Prime Pro Series, has already found its way into the hands of many professional players, like FaZe Clan’s Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken. Designed to be the rally car of gaming mice, the Prime offers little else besides a performance gaming mouse, making it an ideal 69-gram canvas.

The Black Ice edition of the Prime drastically alters the mouse’s appearance, blasting it in a semi-transparent, icy finish. It’s somewhat rare for a peripheral company to go all out in providing a thoughtful and complete aesthetic overhaul to one of its products. Fans might see something similar in Logitech’s K/DA collaboration, but there’s a difference in execution here.

Choosing to make the shell of the Prime Black Ice edition nearly identical to its in-game counterpart hits differently. This product feels like it was truly designed for fans. The minor detail in placing the Canadian maple leaf just in front of the side buttons pays tribute to the Canadian operators released with Year One Season One. The all-white detachable cable and blue-lit scroll wheel add to the fully realized appearance of the mouse.

QcK Heavy XXL Mouse Pad

Carrying on with paying homage to the inaugural season of Rainbow Six Siege, the QcK Heavy XXL’s design borrows the original season artwork. Featuring the top deck of the yacht from the aptly named Yacht map, the mouse pad carries a nostalgic feel for those who were around during its inception.

While this mouse pad succeeds in offering the same control as any other SteelSeries QcK Heavy Mouse Pad, its design isn’t quite as successful as the Prime’s. The artwork feels a little low resolution up close, and the darkness on the top right of the pad feels heavy. Using a logo to break up some of that heavy darkness might have been a better use of real estate to create more balance.

Kontrol Freek High-Performance Thumbsticks

One of the more thoughtful aspects of the Black Ice collaboration is that SteelSeries doesn’t leave console players out in the cold. SteelSeries also brings its Kontrol Freek thumbsticks into the mix. Given the original Rainbow Six Siege Pro League’s Xbox roots, it would be an odd omission not to include the dedicated console player base.

These thumbsticks nail the Black Ice aesthetic. The base of the thumbsticks starts out opaque and slowly works its way toward transparency. A shattered ice design surrounds the Rainbow Six logo to capture the vibe of the original artwork.

Like most high-profile thumbsticks, the Kontrol Freek sticks feel hyper-responsive. Adding half an inch to the overall height of a thumbstick makes a difference in speed but can sometimes be tough to control if you’re not used to playing with higher-profile sticks.

Overall, the SteelSeries x Rainbow Six Siege Black Ice collaboration respectfully pays homage to the first season of Siege and provides fan service along the way. While it might be tough to get a hold of every item, the Prime mouse is the way to go for those who can only nab one. The fan service is there, and looking down at the Prime after opening an Epic Alpha Pack and getting dinked with a duplicate skin almost feels like a consolation prize.

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