Alfatronix AD115 (10 Amp) Switch Mode Power Supply (Universal)


Discover the Alfatronix AD115 (10 Amp) Switch Mode Power Supply, engineered for mobile radio base stations. With a robust build and built-in cooling fan, it ensures uninterrupted performance. Featuring a versatile input voltage range, low output noise, and high efficiency, it delivers consistent power with minimal energy waste.


Introducing the Alfatronix AD115 (10 Amp) Switch Mode Power Supply, the reliable powerhouse designed for mobile radio base stations. Built to withstand rugged conditions, this power supply ensures uninterrupted performance with its robust construction and built-in cooling fan.

With a steady 13.6V DC output at 9A, the AD115 delivers consistent power to keep your operations running smoothly. Equipped with a mains lead featuring a 13A plug and crimp connectors for the output lead, installation is hassle-free and convenient.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Input Voltage Range: Automatically selects between 85-135V AC and 170-265V AC, compatible with various power sources and frequencies (50Hz/60Hz).
  • Low Output Noise: Maintains a quiet operation with only 50mV peak-to-peak noise at continuous load, ensuring clear communication.
  • High Power Conversion Efficiency: With a typical efficiency of 83%, it maximizes power utilization while minimizing energy waste.
  • Isolation and Safety: Offers a robust isolation of 1.5kV AC/3.0kV AC rms between input and case/output, ensuring safety in operation.
  • Durable Construction: Features anodized aluminum and glass-filled polycarbonate casework for durability in demanding environments.
  • Convenient Connections: Utilizes 6.3mm push-on blade terminals for both output and ground connections, facilitating easy setup.
  • Output Indicator: Includes a green LED indicator adjacent to the output terminals for quick status monitoring.
  • Flexible Mounting Options: Mounts securely with rubber feet on the base and allows direct attachment to the radio above for space optimization.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Incorporates safeguards against overcurrent, overheating, and transients, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Certifications and Approvals: Meets the standards of 2014/30/EU EMC directive, 2014/35/EU low voltage directive, and 93/68/EEC CE marking directive. Tested to EN60950, EN55022, and EN61204-3 for compliance and reliability.

Trust in the Alfatronix AD115 (10 Amp) Switch Mode Power Supply for dependable performance and peace of mind in your mobile radio base station setup. Experience reliability, efficiency, and safety in one compact unit.

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