Aluminum Metal Suction Desoldering Pump


Strong suction helps remove the solder effectively and protects the PCB board.

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The solder sucker can be used for broad place, a must have excellent solder sucker which fits nicely in your tool box. The solder sucker with simple construction, so whether you are right or left-handed, you can using the desoldering pump by just cocking it and pressing the trigger button with one hand when you are ready.



  • Good little solder sucker,have a good bit of suction,you can just hang onto it and use your thumb to reset and suck.
  • Simple design allows easy one-handed use,lightweight and compact,suck the solder away easily.
  • Very sturdy, will work good to remove existing solder from a circuit board.
  • Heated up the solder pushed the button and bam,all solder sucked up,super easy to use for desoldering.
  • A must have excellent solder sucker which fits nicely in your tool box.



Desoldering pump is widely used in the electronics and electrical industries, suitable for precision small devices, integrated circuit pins, home appliance repairs, digital repairs etc, efficient and portable to remove waste tin residue.


Operation Method:

1. First press the operating button of the solder sucker down until the piston is stuck

2. Use electric soldering iron to heat the solder joints until the solder joints melt

3. At the same time as removing the electric iron, quickly paste the soldering point on the nozzle of the solder sucker and press the rebound button

If the suction is not clean at one time, the operation can be repeated many times.


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