Big Gaming Mouse Pad


The mouse pad is large enough to accommodate both the mouse and the keyboard. Thick smooth tissue packing provides optimal speed and accurate control during the game. The premium design has a non-slip rubber base, this pad will not slide during use. Comfort is very convenient to work with the mouse, eliminates uneven surfaces. Suitable for large keyboards.

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Bright RGB backlight, convenient control panel, soft tissue surface, and rubberized base for reliable matting mat. So look at the main features of the rug. It also has water-repellent properties and thanks to quality materials will be able to serve for a long time while maintaining its original look. And, of course, the mouse will smoothly slide with him, which means you can quickly move and quickly react to the actions of the opponent in any game. This rug has a relatively small thickness so that the difference between the level of the working surface and the carpet was minimal and you did not feel discomfort during the game.


Big Gaming Mouse Pad


The cool backlight as mentioned above is one of the main features that complement the design of the accessory. Using the RGB backlight, the rug can shine with different colors and reproduce bright effects, and a convenient control panel is provided to control the backlight functionality, fixed on the upper edge. Plus, for better colour rendering, the carpet framing was covered with thin threads made from nylon. Soft and robust surface It is made of soft and pleasant-to-the-touch fabric, which is not inferior to competitors in strength and allows the mouse to slightly slide and quickly move. Plus, the base of the rug is made of high-quality rubber, so that it will be well fixed on the desktop.


Big Gaming Mouse Pad


And if you accidentally spend your drink directly on the rug, it is not necessary to worry, its water-repellent properties will protect the carpet and make it easier to clean. The control panel to control RGB-backlight functions in the mat is used a comfortable panel that is located on the upper edge. It is quite compact than 9 mm high, and it has a MicroUSB connector and a removable cable to connect to a computer. As for the control of light effects, there is one button on the panel, with which you can switch between them at any time. Ready for travel! Thanks to not only durable but also flexible materials, you can easily fold, disconnect the cable, and then put it in a bag or backpack. It will take at least time if you for example gathered to a friend or a trip to a large cybersport tournament.


Big Gaming Mouse Pad


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