Big Gaming Rug For Computer Mouse


The rug is designed for optical and laser gaming mice. It provides smooth sliding and clear positioning. Non-slip base provides convenience of operation. Durable coating and sewing processing of edges prolongs the service life of the rug.



The mouse pad is printed using a retro style pattern of the world map, so the pattern on the edge of the part is a bit blurred, and this is not the actual geographical position of the real world. With an anti-slip natural rubber basis and a superb smooth surface, this mouse pad is designed to assist and improving mouse productivity. This is the perfect choice for playing, work or daily use. This extended mouse pad will match both the keyboard and mouse and other elements of the table.

Big Gaming Rug For Computer Mouse

Fight perfect space for moving for games or office. Optimized for quick movement when maintaining excellent speed and control during the game or work. Provides the simplest movements of the mouse and the best response time. When using the mouse and keyboard, the mouse pad does not slip and does not move. Waterproof characteristics can be prevented to a certain extent damage to the product caused by a spilled liquid. After spilling fluid on it, a partial fluid will slide down. One way, mouse pad easily clean and makes the machine. Mouse pad is designed with natural rubber material.


Big Gaming Rug For Computer Mouse


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