Digital Soldering Iron 80 W with Temperature Display Screen

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The 80 W soldering iron features an advanced ceramic printed heater to heat up to the targeted temperature quickly.




Why do you choose KLARYTYMA?

  • Fasting Heating: The 80 W soldering iron heats up to the selected temperature within 30 seconds, with inner-heated ceramic technology, high temperature stability, can protect your welding equipment.
  • Digital Temperature Display: The LCD screen makes it easy to see what temperature the iron is at and when it is ready the numbers stop blinking.
  • Adjustable Temperature Settings: With temperature + / – buttons, you can set your desired temperature (temperature range: 200 – 450℃)and keep that setting while soldering.
  • ON / OFF Button: It is convenient to turn the iron off when you need a break, no more having to turn off the unit by unplugging the iron from the wall socket all the time.
  • Fast Cooling: With heat-dissipation holes in steel pipe and bakelite, the soldering iron cools down quickly in a few minutes.

This is a good beginner iron and a few good bits and pieces of kit to help someone start their soldering journey.


Fast Heating Thermostatic Design

With the Japanese latest inner-heated ceramic technology, KLARYTYMA soldering iron is quick and fast warming up within 30 seconds.

Easy Temperature Control

With temperature control buttons, you can adjust desired temperature in 50-degree increments, from 200 – 450 ℃.


Plug TypeUS / EUSoldering Iron Tip5 Pcs
Temperature Range200 – 450 ⁰CSolder Rosin Paste Flux10 g
Power80 WSoldering Iron StandPlastic, Steel
Working Voltage110 – 220 VCable Length1.3 meter


How to Solder

  1. Determine the right temperature for your project. Which temperature to use depends on the materials you’re joining and the kind of solder you’re using.
  2. Once your iron is heated to the appropriate temperature, pick up the iron by the handle in one hand and hold a piece of solder in the other hand. Hold the hot iron to the place where the two metal components will meet for about a second to heat them up. You want to heat the metal parts, not the solder itself.
  3. Touch the solder to the heated components. As the solder melts, it will flow into the gaps it needs to fill. Continue to feed in solder until a sufficient amount is melted. While you need enough to form a solid connection, you don’t want to have too much solder either.
  4. Allow the solder to cool on its own without any action.
  5. Check the soldering joint for quality. A good connection will appear smooth, uniform and shiny. Make sure that aren’t any problematic gaps between the components or globs of excess solder.

This soldering kit is intended for basic home repairs or sparking interest in your teenage child with electronics, and it’s worth every penny with pretty darn good quality.

Warm Tips:

  1. Please be really careful when you are using the tools, and you’d better keep it somewhere kids can’t reach.
  2. Please switch to the 200℃ model, when not using the pencil iron. And please do not keep the soldering iron working under high temperature.
  3. 3.When welding, do not use too much pressure. As long as the iron tip fully contact the solder joint, heat can be transferred.
  4. To avoid oxidation, please clean soldering iron tip and “tin” all faces of tip with a coating of solder after using. If there is black oxide on the iron tip, please clean it by WET sponge firstly.
  5. The optimum maximum temperature for soldering iron is 400 ℃.

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