Dimmable LED Desk Lamp


You can use the metal clamp to mount magnifying lamp adjustable on any flat surface.



Magnifying glasses with light for close work have a 4.3-inch real glass lens and magnification of up to 8X. It is clear, without optical distortion, and doesn’t fog like cheap acrylic or plastic lenses. Even if you watch for a long time, you will not feel dizzy and fatigued, and it can protect your eyes, this magnifier desk lamp is designed for people who need to continuously concentrate on staring at small objects for a long time.


Strong Metal Clamp

authentic optical diopter glass

72 LEDs

Strong Metal Clamp

The non-slip metal clamp is made of aviation aluminum, keeping the whole lamp quite sturdy no matter how you stretch the arms.

Optical Diopter Glass

Glass is easy to clean and resists scratching and damage. More importantly, glass has the highest light transmission index of lens materials.

72 LEDs

72 built-in high-quality LED lights.

No Glare, No Flicker.




Soft Light and a Large Irradiation Area

The magnifying lamp illuminates softly without flicker and blocks out 99.98% blue light which is harmful to human eyes.




3 colour modes (white 6000K, white&warm 4200K, warm 3000K) to choose from. Press the convert button to switch modes, press the “+” / “-” button easily to adjust between 10 – 100 % of brightness. No glare, no flicker, provide you with uniform and soft light and a large irradiation area when you use the lighted magnifying glass to read books at close range, without eye fatigue to achieve the perfect lighting for you!


Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg