Dual Chargers USB


Foreign Charger USB Controller for PS3. This product can charge for two wireless six axes for the PS3 controller simultaneously. Compatible with charging for the PS3 controller or to move PS3. This USB charger controller does not require another power source. Nutrition is required directly from your USB port for the PS3 console.

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Two USB ports allow you to charge two PS3 controllers, Move at the same time. Save your precious time to return to your playing field as soon as possible. The PS3, MOVE controller charging station can be easily verified using built-in LED indicators, which clearly show when charging is completed. Install controllers to the docking station and connect them to any 5-pin USB mini port for charging the controller. A double charging dock guarantees that the battery will never discharge when you are going to gain a win.


Dual Chargers USB

Wherever you go: this charging station for PlayStation 3 controllers is distinguished by a compact, light, and easily tolerated design, which allows you to wear it anywhere. Connect the supplied USB cable to the PS3 console or PC host and another DC5V standard adapter, then connect the other end to this mini charging station to start charging the controllers. This charger with two shock controllers can charge two PS3 controllers, as well as move controllers at the same time. The LED indicator will help you easily check the charging status. Moreover, the attention attracting the design will necessarily impress everyone by adding a modern, elegant look to your game room or entertainment center.

Dual Chargers USB

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