Fabric Rug For Gaming Mouse


The game rug with which the effective work of the manipulator is ensured is the necessary accessory of a professional gamer. The polypropylene coating is characterized by a low coefficient of friction, which eliminates inaccuracies during the positioning of the sight.


The model has a smooth surface that contributes to an easy and rapid slip of the device and is suitable for use and with optical, and with a laser manipulator. The rug even during an intensive virtual battle remains immorally due to the base of high-strength rubber and high-quality polystyrene, which reliably fix the model on the desktop. The surface of the G440 rug with an extremely low friction coefficient is ideal for accurate and rapid moves of the mouse. To move the mouse along the polypropylene surface of the rug, a slight effort is required, which reduces the number of positioning errors to a minimum.

Fabric Rug For Gaming Mouse

Rough structure and ill-conceived design can adversely affect the efficiency of the mouse sensor. The G440 rug has a clean, uniform surface texture. This allows the mouse sensor to more accurately convert the mouse movement into the movement of the cursor, which is often impossible on an inhomogeneous or dirty surface of the table. The G440 mat allows you to maximize the increased accuracy of the optical and laser mice sensor. The texture of the G440 rug surface texture is very close to optimal test conditions for mice with Logitech G sensors.

Fabric Rug For Gaming Mouse

Only the mouse slides on the G440 rug, and it is immobile. The base of natural rubber is firmly associated with a high-strength polystyrene core and reliably holds the rug on the table. The rug consists of three reliably clutch layers. The upper polypropylene layer forms the surface of the rug with a low coefficient of friction. The high-strength polystyrene core serves as a reliable semi-rigid base. Finally, the rubber base reliably holds the rug on the table.

Fabric Rug For Gaming Mouse


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