HANMATEK Durable Soldering Station


The soldering station has anti-static design and high temperature resistant material composition to protect your safety.


HANMATEK 60 W Soldering Station

Ergonomic 60 watt soldering iron

PSD (Proportional Integral Derivative) technology is often called magic temperature compensation technology.

✔ESD Safe

✔6 Seconds Fast Heating

✔Smart Temperature Control

✔Stable Temperature

✔Durable Material

✔PID Technology

✔Power Up to 60 W


Digital Dispaly

High-definition digital display makes temperature display more intuitive and accurate.

Fast Heating in 6 Seconds

Equipped with five different tips, quickly heat up in 6 seconds to reach the melting point 200 ℃.

Lead-Free Tips

Lead-free tips, non-toxic, harmless. A good helper for repairing motherboards, circuits, mobile phones etc.


Comes with Roll Holder

Equipped with tin wire roll holder, you can use tin wire conveniently


Comes with Screwdriver Jack

Equipped with screwdriver jacks, It’s more convenient to place a screwdriver


Model SD2 SD1
Power 60 W 60 W
Temperature Adjustment Range 200 – 480 °C / 392 – 896 ℉ 200 – 480 °C / 392 – 896 ℉


Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg