Icom HS-AK5850H – Swatcom A-KABEL Atex Headband Headset


A-KABEL Headset (AK5850H) is a heavy-duty noise cancelling headset with TP120 download attached, designed for use in the most demanding environments, helping to improve communications in high noise environments. Pre-order now and we will contact you with a delivery date.

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Icom HS-AK5850H - Swatsom A-KABEL Atex Headband Headset

Noise cancelling boom microphone gives a high perception of speech, by filtering out background noise. Easy positioning fully flexible and robust boom microphone.

A padded headband with adjustable pressure control and soft ear cushions gives high comfort. The headsets are manufactured in modules so every component can be easily replaced.

All metal parts are stainless steel for increased durability. All cables are manufactured for long life. The coiled leads are tested for 1,000,000 flexions. External cables and connectors have moulded waterproof strain reliefs.


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