Icom MB-96N – Leather Swivel Belt Hanger


Swivel belt hanger for Icom IC-A25 and IC-A16 transceivers. Use with standard belt clip. Icom part MB-96N.


Icom MB-96N - Leather Swivel Belt Hanger Icom MB-96N is a genuine OEM swivel leather belt hanger for select Icom two-way radios. This is a heavy-duty leather belt hanger. If you are tired of wearing out other hangers, give one of these a try, they are as tough as the Icom radios they are made for.

Works with Icom F70DT/DS, T/S , F80DT/DS,T/S, F3161DT/DS, T/S, F3163T/S, F4161DT/DS, T/S, F4163T/S, F50, F60, F50V, F60V, F33GT/GS, F43GT/GS, F3021T/S, F3023T/S, F4021T/S, F4023T/S, F3011, F4011, F14/S, F24/S, F43TR series radios.



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Weight 0.25 kg