LED Cat Ear Headphones


Feast your eyes on the adorable pink exterior of this exceptional headset. Its charming detachable cat ear shape adds a touch of whimsy that is sure to delight young girls, girlfriends, women, and even kids! Unleash your inner feline as every flicker of color dances harmoniously with your gameplay.


Advanced Vibration Technology: Experience optimized gaming and video 4D effects with a powerful vibration system.

Adorable Design: The cute pink appearance, complete with detachable cat ear shape, makes it a perfect gift for young girls, girlfriends, women, and kids.

Immersive Virtual Sound: Immerse yourself in the game with virtual 7.1 multi-channel technology that delivers realistic game sounds and brings the game scenes to life.

Enhanced Gaming Experience: The earcups feature a breathing LED light that adds to the overall gaming atmosphere. Plus, the large size earmuffs provide excellent passive noise-reduction for uninterrupted gameplay comfort.

Superior Sound Quality: Detailed high, medium, and low frequency sound is delivered through high-quality speakers built-in to this headset. A full-function controller allows for convenient operation.

LED Cat Ear Headphones LED Cat Ear Headphones
LED Cat Ear Headphones LED Cat Ear Headphones



  • Sensitivity: 44DB ± 2DB
  • Impedance: ≤2;2KQ
  • Output Sound Pressure: 115±3DB
  • Impedance: 32Q+15%
  • Frequency Response: 20HZ-22KHZ
  • Line Length: 2.2 M
  • Plug Type: USB
LED Cat Ear Headphones LED Cat Ear Headphones

Additional information

Weight 0.89 kg
Dimensions 350 × 410 × 40 cm



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