LGR-72KK Covert Surveillance Microphone Kit (Kenwood)


The LGR-72KK Covert Surveillance Microphone Kit designed for Kenwood radios offers discreet communication capabilities ideal for covert operations or situations requiring privacy. This comprehensive kit includes a microphone with a convenient clip and a push-to-talk (PTT) switch, along with a belt-mounted PTT switch for easy access.


Crafted for HAM (amateur radio) and PMR (professional/mobile radio) usage, this kit is highly favoured among users seeking covert-style communication solutions. Its inconspicuous design allows users to maintain a low profile while ensuring clear and reliable communication.

The earpiece component of the kit features clear acoustic tubing for enhanced sound clarity and discreet communication. Additionally, the earbuds come in a flesh-coloured design for further concealment. The kit also includes spare earbuds, ensuring longevity and flexibility for users in various operational scenarios.

Overall, the LGR-72KK Covert Surveillance Microphone Kit is a versatile and popular choice for individuals and professionals requiring covert communication capabilities with Kenwood radios. Its reliability, discretion, and user-friendly design make it an indispensable tool for various applications where privacy and efficiency are paramount.

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