Long Split Shaft Guitar Potentiometer


High quality audio-potentiometer, perfect for replacing and upgrading tone volume controls.



Golden long split shaft, full size.

Coarse knurled shaft fits most control knobs.

Rotation is very smooth and can improve the sensitivity adjustment.

Full Resistance: 250 kOhm or 500 kOhm for your choose.

A Type (Linear Taper) or B Type (Audio Taper) for your choose.


250 kOhm, 500 kOhm
Resistance Taper Type
A, B
Shaft Length
Approx. 18 mm
Shaft Diameter
Approx. 6 mm
Shaft Thread Diameter
Approx. 8 mm
Base Diameter
Approx. 24 mm
Whole Length
Approx. 27.5 mm


Additional information

Weight N/A