Luminous Gaming Headset


Experience gaming like never before with the Luminous Gaming Headset. Designed specifically for discerning gamers, this professional-grade headset is a must-have addition to your gaming arsenal.


Immerse yourself in the virtual world as you slip on this head-mounted headset. Its sleek design not only ensures a comfortable fit but also enhances your overall gaming experience. The adjustable headband’s perfect balance guarantees hours of uninterrupted gameplay without any discomfort.

Featuring PC computer compatibility, this headset provides an impeccable audio output that elevates your battles and adventures to new heights. With its 3.5 mm plug diameter, it effortlessly connects to your device, ensuring seamless communication and crystal-clear sound quality every time.

Embrace the power of wires! This exceptional wired headphone eliminates connectivity issues common with wireless alternatives while providing absolute accuracy in delivering every sonic detail of your game.

The Luminous Gaming Headset combines cutting-edge technology with durability. Its straight-type plug offers reliability while seamlessly integrating into any setup or console arrangement—truly a gamer’s dream come true!

Enhance your gameplay today by investing in the Luminous Gaming Headset – crafted exclusively for professionals who demand nothing but excellence from their gear. Get ready to dominate challenges and conquer foes like never before with pure immersion and superior sound quality at every turn.

Luminous Gaming Headset Luminous Gaming Headset Luminous Gaming Headset

Additional information

Weight 0.47 kg
Dimensions 180 × 100 × 215 cm



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