Maxview B2009 Unimax Mounting Mast


The Unimax Mast Kit offers a quick, reliable and temporary mount for a TV aerial, onto the side of a mobile vehicle.


This pole is designed to have an aerial mounted on the top and then to be mounted on the side of a vehicle or caravan. Universal fit for most mobile TV aerial. Compact size for tidy storage during travel.  The brackets can either be stuck or screwed in place. The pole is 22″ long. 

Maxview B2009 Unimax Mounting MastMaxview B2009 Unimax Mounting MastMaxview B2009 Unimax Mounting Mast

Mounting Options

Clamps can be permanently mounted on any flat
surface with fixing screws or self-adhesive pads provided.

Quick Release Clamps

Sprung clamps allow the aerial mast to be removed easily, without the use of tools.

Aluminium Mast

Includes lightweight and robust aluminium mast.




Additional information

Weight2 kg