MECHANIC X Series Mild Rosin


3 different raw materials are used and the chemical composition required for welding is added.

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What is the Mild Rosin?

  • Soldering flux is the mixture of high-quality alloyed powder and resin paste flux, it can avoid the pale yellow residue.
  • It is a high viscosity no-clean flux, have strong oxide removal effect to gold-copper alloy substrate and wire, can be used for soldering and reballing of phone chips and through hole solder joints.
  • Also suitable for BGA ball, semiconductor packaging, computer motherboard north and south bridge, communications, graphics, BGA etc.
  • Good soldering flux paste can make the success rate greatly increased, regardless of manual or machine welding.
  • It’s the ideal auxiliary tools for high quality electronic products manufacturing. Also a good helper for maintenance engineer.


Strong Welding Power & Joint High Intensity & Low Residue

3 different raw materials are used and the chemical composition required for welding is added

Protect The Electronic Components

This flux have stable performance and low volatility, long use cycles, non-toxic, no irritant smell.

No-Clean & Lead-Free

Rosin residue is non-corrosive, non-conductive, the residue is colorless and transparent, does not affect the detection, disposable and excellent cleaning performance.


X6 – Chinese Pinus Tabulaeformis

Strong anti-oxidation ability, high insulation resistance value, will not cause damage to the board surface during use.

X8 – Cuban Pine

The residue is colorless and transparent, with mild odor and strong welding ability.


X9 – Red Pine in Northeast Heilongjiang

It is purified and improved from natural rosin, with high insulation resistance, which can effectively solve the problems of leakage welding and false welding.


Widely Applicable

Suitable for a variety of welding environments, a wide range of applications, with high compatibility

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