Mini Computer Mouse Pad


A pretty cartoon mouse pad not only allows you to better control the mouse but also can decorate your desktop.

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These thick mouse mats are excellent gifts or collectibles for your hobbies or interests. The mouse pad provides excellent tracking management, making your mouse more accurate and comfortable. Mouse rug has individuality and cute design, decorate your workplace with a popular design. This mouse pad will provide you with the most comfortable experience. The elastic support fits your wrist and provides maximum comfort when using the mouse pad. It helps reduce wrist discomfort and wrist pain. The material is PU, the size is S, which makes the mouse pad more beautiful, soft, durable, and more sensitive to the touch of the mouse. The soft non-slip base firmly grasps the desktop, it can prevent the mouse pad from sliding on the desktop. The surface of the mouse pad can improve the tracking movement of the mouse, the pad allows the cursor to move quickly without excessive friction, and you can browse, work and play games accurately and efficiently.





  • Material: Rubber
  • Single-sided and double-sided: single-sided
  • Size: 100 x 100 mm
  • Packing list: individually packed



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