Mobile Power Bank


Excellent Pouerbank, battery with a capacity of 20,000mach, supports simultaneous charging of two connectors, grabs charge the phone several times, an excellent model, there is a charge indicator of Pourobank himself.

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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2c comes in white cardboard packaging. Most of the front surface of the box is transparent – the battery is immediately visible. On the back of Chinese, the main characteristics and opportunities “banks” are described. Despite the fact that all descriptions on Chinese, one important point on the package is available. Direct follower of the model of the same name without the “C” console. Designers of the Chinese company decided that it is necessary to follow as accurately as possible. As a result, 2C externally does not differ from the predecessor. The battery is enclosed in the body of shock-resistant plastic white.

Mobile Power Bank

On the front and rear surfaces of the housing, a flat drawing is made, the ribs are smooth. The body’s texture gives the device additional stability in the hand. Unlike the first models from the line Mi Power Bank, the newest Pavebank does not slip at all. Xiaomi is famous for which it always honestly reveals a clean stock of the capacity of its external batteries, which is relevant with the loss in conversion. In the case of Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2C, 20,000, the manufacturer did not change the traditions. The nominal capacity of the 2c lithium polymer battery is 20,000 mAh. The transformation efficiency is 93%, which makes a “clean” capacity of 13,000 mAh, which Xiaomi tells directly on the device packaging.


Mobile Power Bank

Mobile Power Bank


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