Mouse Pad With Quick Wireless Charger


The perfect combination of rug for mouse and charger for a cordless phone. Fat case: you can charge through the covers for phones within 6 mm, without removing the case during charging. Higher wireless charging speed compared to another standard market charger. Compatible with all devices with Qi support. Intelligent LED indicators that immediately indicate different charging statuses. Fashionable non-slip fabric design.



The perfect combination of rug for mouse and charger for a cordless phone. This design 2-in-1 allows you to charge the phone over a wireless network when you play or run on your computer, just place the phone on the mouse pad and charge instantly, without connecting and disconnect the cable. Extremely convenient and protects the USB port for charging the phone. This wireless charger for the mouse rug supports protective covers within 6 mm. No need to take off the case during charging.

Mouse Pad With Quick Wireless Charger

Thanks to reinforced copper coils and an improved Taiwanese chip, the charging speed is higher than other conventional devices with an adapter. Compatible with all phones with Qi support, such as iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 11, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8Plus, S7, and others. The unique surface of polyurethane tissue provides a more accurate movement of the mouse. Optimized for rapid movement while maintaining excellent speed and control while working or playing.

Mouse Pad With Quick Wireless Charger

The intelligent smooth LED indicator allows you to immediately find out the charging status: blue indicators light up for one second after the connection, and then turn off if there is no device. It continues to flash regularly until the phone is charged normally. It quickly flashes if the charger detects any metal objects or credit cards. Remove or move it, as it affects the induction of wireless communication. Good gift wrapping. 1 Mouse pad with wireless charging 5 W, 7.5 W, 10 W, 1 USB cable.

Mouse Pad With Quick Wireless Charger

Built-in intelligent regulation chip, current output is lasting and stable. Intelligent adjustment of overvoltage and overcurrent, long-term charging will not be hot. The sensing distance is less than 6mm, and it can be charged normally even when wearing the phone case. There is a manganese steel shrapnel at the bottom, press the middle position lightly, and the shrapnel will bounce and bend into a bracket. The non-slip microfiber at the bottom can easily cope with various office environments.


Mouse Pad With Quick Wireless Charger


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