NEWACALOX SE001 Solder Smoke Extractor


This ESD safe soldering fan can extract away the solder, flux, chemicals, gases or other hazardous substances in the solder smoke, and purify by the activated carbon filter net.



Why Do You Need a Solder Fume Extractor?

Lead smoke is toxic during soldering, even if it is lead-free solder, which contains a certain amount of lead, harmful to your health.

Many hobbists stop soldering due to cough caused by solder smoke which keeps doing harm to their health.

Our NAKOOS Soldering smoke absorber/fume remover/smoke extractor prevention absorber DIY working fan can protect you away from poisonous smoke. Reducing the possible problem of health.


Pure Copper Motor

This solder fume extractor is powered by a pure copper motor which make low noise when running and could last 50000 hours lifetime.

Easily Replaceable Filters

This solder smoke absorber come with 3 carbon filters. They could capture particle larger then 5 um, giving you good and timely smoke prevention filter supplements.

Additional Helping Hands

The soldering smoke remover has two helping arms aiming to give you additional support of extra components. Saving space and no worry of too many parts to hold!


2-in-1 Soldering Fume Extractor for Work Station

30W Solder Smoke Remover Low Noise Soldering Fan with Helping Hands Tool

NAKOOS solder fume extractor works great.

This device is small but powerful, removes all smoke and fumes, quiet, is sturdy and sets on the countertop.

A perfect addition, a great value.

Additional information

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