Outdoor Solar Wireless Power Bank


Troublebank on solar panels is an external battery, which is reliably stores generated energy until the need for it. All the advantages of this charbel model can be evaluated if you need to charge the phone away from the source of electricity, for example, in the hike in the mountains, on the beach, on the road.



To charge himself, it is enough to put it in the sun, but this is not the only way. The design of the device allows charging from the 220 V network and via the USB port of the laptop. The panibank has a compact size that is convenient to carry with me in a bag, a backpack and even the urban-banana bag. The housing is made of durable plastic, which is resistant to mechanical exposure. Thanks to rubber inserts, the battery is convenient and ergonomically lies in hand.


Outdoor Solar Wireless Power Bank


The battery is equipped with several connectors, which will allow you to simultaneously charge several gadgets. Lithium-ion batteries are installed as the main battery element, which differs rapidly energy and the ability to store it for a long time. This deliberate is intended for active and young people. And that’s why it is concluded in a robust body of reliable plastic with strips of rubber on the sides. The body is waterproof and calmly withstands the hitting under the rain. This means that you can use the solar panel even in cloudy weather.

Outdoor Solar Wireless Power Bank


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