PowerVerter PV3S Pro Voltage Reducer 3/6A


A high-quality non-isolated DC-DC converter. Supplied with mounting bracket, fixing screws and crimp connectors. Dust, water and impact resistance IP533. Meets the VIDG5 / AES specification for use on emergency service vehicles. Transient voltage protection: Meets ISO7637-2 International standard for 24 V DC commercial vehicles.


This product offers a convenient way to operate mass-produced 12Vdc equipment such as cell phones, professional communications, telematics equipment, etc. from the 24Vdc mobile electrical systems found on diesel-engined vehicles and vessels. All products fit onto a “Click ‘n’ Fit” mounting clip which is fixed in three points allowing it to be mounted on uneven surfaces. A fixing kit for din rail installation is also available.


Features and Specifications:

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 67 x 87 x 50 mm
Markings CE and E (automotive) marked
Input Voltage Range 17-32V DC
Output 13.6V DC +15% -20% at extremes of temperature, load, input tolerance, etc
Intermittent Output Power 6A/3A non-isolated, taken for a maximum of 2 minutes followed by 8 minutes of rest
Electrostatic Voltage Protection >8kV contact, 15kV discharge
Output Noise <50mV pk-pk at continuous load
Off Load Current (Quiescent Current) <15mA
Power Conversion Efficiency Typically 90% of non-isolated units
Isolation >400Vrms between input, output and case, on isolated products only
Operating Temperature -25ºC to +30ºC, +30ºC to +80ºC de rate linearly to 0A
Operating Humidity 95% max., non-condensing
Casework Anodised aluminium, glass-filled polycarbonate./li>
Connections Four 6.3 mm push-on flat blade connectors, *5-way Phoenix connector including enabling on/off terminal and mating half
Approvals 2014/30/EU the general EMC directive, Regulation 10 the automotive directive, 93/68/EEC the CE marking directive
Designed To EN50498, ISO 7637-2, ISO 11452-1, ISO 14982, EN12895, EN60945, EN55022, FCC15B
Transient Voltage Protection The international standard for 24V DC commercial vehicles



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Weight 0.4 kg