RV24YN20F Rotary Carbon Film Potentiometer


Single-turn carbon film potentiometer generally used in medical equipment, mixers, toys, stereos, car stereos, power amplifier, radio. DVD / VCD, TV, electronic message equipment, earphones. Lamps and other related electronic digital and electronic equipment.



  • Made of high quality Carbon Film material, durable and long service life
  • This potentiometer has high accuracy, good stability and small temperature coefficient
  • Easy installation, save time and effort, a perfect fitting
  • Reasonable size and lightweight, portable for carrying and using
  • Good contact performance can guarantee stable working

Package Includes: 1 Potentiometer



Single Circle
Carbon Film
Total Resistance Range
100 Ω ~ 1 MΩ
Resistance Deviation
± 5%
2 W
Electrical Angle
280° ± 10°
Mechanical Angle
300° ± 5°
100,000 times
Outer Diameter
24 mm
Shaft Length
20 mm
Shaft Diameter
6 mm (Half shaft)


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