Semiconductor Mobile Phone Radiator


Powerful dual engines for heat removal. The faster heat dissipates, the stronger cooling. Tight fit with active cooling directly attach the battery and processor, cool the housing for ultra-fast heat dissipation. Thanks to the retractable buckle design, the fan supports 4-6.5 inches mobile phones.


Built-in double 7-blade high-speed fan running silently, eliminating noise problems, so it does not interfere during games, listening to music, or watching the video. The cooling stand for semiconductors with an adjustable clamp is suitable for mobile phones from 4 to 6.5 inches. The attached adapter allows you to install this cooler on the live tree molding bracket. Small size and lightweight, easily placed in a bag or carrying pocket.


Semiconductor Mobile Phone Radiator


With this cooler for the phone, you no longer have to worry about the overheating of the phone. Easy access to the Type-C and Micro USB port, convenient and practical; Next to the Type C port has a switch to turn on or off the fan backlight. This cooler for semiconductors has a large cooling surface of 43 cm², a fully hollow case and powerful double engines for fast heat removal, which quickly cools your phone, extending its service life. Advice. During cooling, the semiconductor radiator can highlight water vapor or water drops.


Semiconductor Mobile Phone Radiator




  • Interface Type: USB
  • Vibration mode: without vibration
  • Applicable Products: Mobile Phones
  • Material: ABS.
  • Size: 75.5 x 36.5 x 19.7
  • Additional features: Mobile phone holder
  • Video Game Classification: Entry Level, Fever Level, Luxury Level, Hardcore Level

Semiconductor Mobile Phone Radiator


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