Sharman DM200 Speaker/Microphone (for Motorola GP300/XTN)



Sharman'S DM200 Speaker/Microphone (for Motorola GP300/XTN)

A standard speaker microphone for HAM/PMR use, fitted with a lapel mounting clip which is adjustable to clip at different angles, and a curly cord with moulded dual pin 2.5/3.5 mm plug designed to fit Motorola GP300/XTN/CP040 or other similar connection radios.


This speaker/microphone will also work with MOTOTRBO DP1400 Digital radio and Hytera Power 446, TC446S, TC610, TC620, PD405, PD415, PD505, PD565 PMR and DMR handheld radios. A 3.5 mm socket is also fitted for using external earphones.



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