Sihuadon R-108 FM/MW/SW/LW/AIR DSP Portable Receiver


The R-108 radio receiver has excellent sensitivity and good reception on all frequencies, including air.

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Sihuadon R-108 FM/MW/SW/LW/AIR DSP Portable Receiver


Sihuadon R-108 is an all-wave digital radio operating on four broadcasting bands, as well as an additional airborne band. The device is an alternative to such receivers as Tecsun PL-310 or Xhdata D-808. However, the SSB demodulator is excluded from this Sihuadon model, since this function is of interest to a limited circle of radio amateurs. The R-108 radio receiver has excellent sensitivity and good reception on all frequencies, including air. This favorably distinguishes it from models of all-wave radio receivers with an air range, in which the reception of air radio stations is possible only in the immediate vicinity of the airport. Good reception of broadcast and air radio stations in Sihuadon R-108 is provided by the built-in telescopic antenna. However, to receive remote stations, you can use an external antenna, for which an antenna socket is installed on the left side wall of the receiver.

In the extended FM range, it is possible to choose one of three sub-bands: Russian, European or Japanese. On the HF band, the Sihuadon R-108 all-wave radio receiver provides full coverage without cut frequencies. Therefore, it is possible not only to receive radio broadcasting stations, but also to receive channel 15 of the route to listen to the conversations of truckers. Sihuadon R-108 FM/MW/SW/LW/AIR DSP Portable Receiver
Sihuadon R-108 FM/MW/SW/LW/AIR DSP Portable Receiver Portable all-wave radio Sihuadon R-108 has a small size and very low weight. However, thanks to a quality full-range speaker, well-designed speaker box and DSP, the unit delivers sound quality better than most of its siblings, even larger ones. This advantage is especially noticeable at low sound frequencies. To receive FM radio stations in stereo mode, just plug your headphones into the appropriate connector located below the antenna jack.
The Sihuadon R-108 digital radio is powered by a 1020 mAh lithium-ion battery charged by a standard 5V USB smartphone charger. When the battery is fully charged, the charging process automatically stops. The delivery set of the device includes: the actual receiver, Li-Ion battery BL-5C, Micro – USB charging cable, external antenna and instructions in English. Sihuadon R-108 FM/MW/SW/LW/AIR DSP Portable Receiver


Advantages of Sihuadon R-108 Digital Radio with Good HF and Air Reception

The digital receiver Sihuadon R-108 on the air band 118-137 MHz has sensitivity and selectivity parameters close to those of professional devices. The sensitivity of 0.5 μV and the selectivity of more than 60 dB are in themselves a great advantage of this device. This makes it possible to receive airport radio stations and listen to the conversations of the aircraft in the air.

The noise suppressor, which turns off the speaker in the absence of conversations, is especially relevant on the air band, since negotiations are not ongoing on it all the time. Noise suppressor eliminates listening to noise in the pauses of conversations. The squelch has several levels of squelch, selectable with the TUNING control when the SQUELCH control is selected.

The tone switch in the Sihuadon P-108 receiver allows you to select the mode for receiving music or speech, such as news or a broadcast from a football match.

Sihuadon R-108 FM/MW/SW/LW/AIR DSP Portable Receiver
Sihuadon R-108 FM/MW/SW/LW/AIR DSP Portable Receiver

An accurate digital scale makes it possible to dial a previously known frequency of a radio station and immediately listen to it without additional frequency adjustment.

Good selectivity and high sensitivity of the Sihuadon R-108 all-wave radio receiver are provided, among other things, by digital signal processing DSP (Digital Signal Processing). This makes it possible to receive a broadcasting station without interference, even if another powerful radio station is nearby in frequency.

Informative liquid crystal LCD screen with smart backlight shows information about clock time and alarm setting, selected band and frequency, signal strength and signal-to-noise ratio, case temperature and battery level.

In the R-108 receiver, both direct frequency entry and manual or automatic station search are possible. Auto search ATS (Auto Tuning Storage) provides recording of the found frequencies of radio stations in the memory of the device.

This Sihuadon digital radio receiver has a continuous HF band, without cut frequencies, from 1711 kHz to 29999 kHz, including the 27 MHz civilian band.

Switching the receiver bandwidth to HF allows you to choose the best option, depending on the interference environment. The bandwidth can have one of five values: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 kHz.

Sihuadon R-108 portable radio receiver has low power consumption and very small weight (190 grams without battery) and small dimensions (118 × 73 × 27 mm). Therefore, you can always take it with you on a trip, business trip or outdoors.

Sihuadon R-108 FM/MW/SW/LW/AIR DSP Portable Receiver


Features of Sihuadon R-108 All Wave Digital Radio
The Sihuadon R-108 all-wave digital radio receiver has the following usage features:
Sihuadon R-108 FM/MW/SW/LW/AIR DSP Portable Receiver

The sleep timer will automatically turn off the Sihuadon R-108 all-wave digital radio if no button has been pressed for a certain time. The auto-off time can be set from 1 to 120 minutes.

For the alarm clock to work correctly, you must set the exact time on the clock. The alarm clock will wake you up at the appointed time with a standard signal or by turning on the radio.

The frequencies of the found radio stations are stored in 500 memory locations. There are 50 memory channels for each waveband.

The FM stereo decoder provides clear and high-quality stereo sound on the FM band. Stereo mode can only be enabled when stereo headphones are connected.

Smart screen backlight automatically turns on when any button is pressed and turns off after 10 seconds if there is no user action.

The electronic thermometer of the Sihuadon R-108 radio receiver shows on the liquid crystal screen the temperature of the body of the device in degrees or Fahrenheit, depending on the selected tuning step on medium waves.

When the ATS auto search works on short waves (SW band), the search occurs only within the broadcast HF frequencies from 2300 kHz to 26100 kHz. Thus, it is possible to find the “long-range” 15th channel of the route only by manual search or by direct input of the frequency 27135 kHz.

The tuning step can be changed, separately for each range, for fast or slow tuning.

Sihuadon R-108 FM/MW/SW/LW/AIR DSP Portable Receiver
Sihuadon R-108 FM/MW/SW/LW/AIR DSP Portable Receiver

The TUNING wheel in this unit is combined with a button that switches the operation modes of this knob: frequency tuning, squelch level adjustment or tuning step selection.

The retractable telescopic antenna is used on short waves SW and on the FM band.

To connect an additional wired external antenna to the device, it has a corresponding antenna jack, and for stereo headphones – a headphone jack.

The all-wave digital radio receiver Sihuadon R-108 R-108 is powered by a Li-Ion battery BL-5C 1020 mAh. The receiver has a micro-USB connector for charging a lithium-ion battery, which makes it possible to use any standard 5V charger from a smartphone.


Recommendations for Using the Sihuadon R-108 Portable All-wave Radio Receiver

The Sihuadon R-108 portable all-wave radio receiver is recommended for receiving broadcasting stations on short waves SW and ultra-short waves FM, as well as air radio stations. This portable unit can be a good alternative to high-end Tecsun PL 660 or Degen DE 1103 receivers. Sihuadon R-108 is very light and small, has high sensitivity and excellent sound quality. Therefore, it is recommended as a portable all-wave radio for home, work or travel.

We also recommend browsing the entire catalog of radio receivers to select the best model.

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