Soft Anti-slip Silicone Case For Controller


Players who purchased a handle have this experience. A white handle is very easy to get dirty, especially the current increase in temperature caused by heating and air conditioning in the house. White and pen is more likely to be contaminated with stains and indulgence. Thus, the silicone cover handles introduce you to a handle with a silicone lid, which is resistant to dirt and protects the handle.


Specially designed for the Xbox One controller. Quickly and easily applied. The smooth and washable design provides comfort and purity. Can hold the hands of players from slipping when they play games. Get an additional clutch and improve your gameplay with this non-slip silicone case for the controller. Accurate opening for all functions such as analog joystick, touch panels, dynamics hole and other buttons. Personalize your controller and protect the Xbox One controller from dust, shocks and scratches during use. High-quality silicone medical case for the Xbox Series X, S controller that prevents damage to the Xbox X series, s-controllers from shocks, scratches. Silicone friction provides a comfortable handle, prevents sliding during the game, no longer need to worry about sweaty hands. Very easy to install and delete, ideal for the Xbox X, S series controller, it will not affect the work. Take the Xbox Series x controller to your taste. The kit includes 10 handles for the usual thumbnail and with an enlarged height for all games, such as FPS, ACT, etc.

Soft Anti-slip Silicone Case For Controller



  • Material: Silicone
  • Applicable Model: Xbox One Runder
  • Product size: 22 x 12 x cm
  • Product weight: 40 g
  • Game version: Softcover version

Soft Anti-slip Silicone Case For Controller


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