Solder Wick Braided


The no-clean braided solder wicks are suitable for labs, home, school and industry welding work.






Chemical Formula Refinement

  • It is clean after sucking, no residue, and sucking tin is faster
  • Improve work efficiency, suitable for all kinds of electronic PCB circuit boards.
  • Greatly reduce the damage to the circuit board, and the thermal conductivity is fast and the soldering performance is good.


Powerful Cleaning, Low Residue

  • The soldering iron is placed on the suction wire, and then slowly moved on the pad
  • When the solder is melted, it will be sucked up by the suction line, so that the cleaned plate is very clean
  • Once you have absorbed the solder, please remove the soldering iron and the suction wire at the same time.

Seiko Forging, Dirt and Wear Resistance

  • Please use cutting pliers to cut off the used soldering wire.
  • Oxidation and corrosion resistance, strong thermal conductivity, very good tinning effect
  • The tin sucking is clean, and the service life is long.





Widely Used: The no-clean desoldering wicks are suitable for industry welding, labs work or home work. Improves work efficiency, ot damage the PCB board.





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