Soldering Iron Stand with Soldering Cleaner


This holder base is made of 100% heat-resistant materials, with the spring made of metal, and a holster guard made of heat-resistant material.

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Soldering Iron Holder System

This soldering iron holder system integrates multiple functions in one to give you better safety, more storage options, TWO cleaning options, and space-saving benefits. You can store the soldering iron, soldering iron tips in one holder, clean the soldering iron with either the cleaning sponge or the brass wool tip cleaner


Integrated Tip Storage

This holder helps organize your workspace better, you can store your regularly used soldering iron tips in the holder.

Better Safety

We designed the holder to satisfy the essential needs to store soldering iron, clean, and organize the workspace with user safety as our priority. This holder base is made of 100% heat-resistant materials, with the spring made of metal, and a holster guard made of heat-resistant material.




Solid & Steady Base Design

The base of the holder is designed with a lowered center of gravity with increase weight to sit the holder securely on your desk. This prevent the holder from easily toppling when you’re working, further excelling in user safety. The bottom of the holder is fitted with non-slip rubber stripes to keep the holder in its place and prevent the holder from sliding around when you’re drawing and storing the soldering iron


Metallic Holster

We made the holster with 100 % metallic spring, and heat-resistant holster guard (ring for securing soldering iron).


Stable Holder

This holder sits on your table with a non-slip stable base and stays within the place when you work. We lowered the center of gravity by increasing the base weight and width to make sure the holder does not easily topple.




Cleaning Sponge

Tip Cleaner

Easy Assembly

This is a great alternative option for those who already own a soldering iron, and are looking to have a stable, heat-resistant, multi-functioned soldering iron holder.



ONE of the TWO cleaning options integrated into the holder is the cleaning sponge, you can clean off dirty solder with the cleaning sponge. NOTE: Wet the sponge with de-ionized water before use.
The second cleaning option is our brass wool tip cleaner, which can clean the soldering iron tip while keeping the soldering iron tip hot after cleaning (sponge is great for cleaning off dirty solder, brass wool tip cleaner is great for regular cleaning when soldering continuously).
The holder is designed with an easy assembly concept, you can put the holder together and begin using it in just a few easy steps.


Solid and Steady

The holder comes with top storage slots at the rear, you can store your regularly used types in the holder and access them quickly. This helps keep your workspace clean and tidy!

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