Stationary Game Console


A unique gaming console has an 8-bit processor. The device has HDMI and AV connectors to connect through cables to the TV. The console in the kit is two wired joysticks, which are decorated in colorful shades. Power supply at the console appendix.


Stationary game console this is made in the classic body of the dandy type prefix for connecting to the TV. The console is equipped with two wired games together. The joysticks have additional turbo buttons that allow you to imitate continuous pressing.

Stationary Game Console


As a rule, the turbo-buttons is extremely convenient to use in games where you need to constantly press one of the buttons. The length of the joysticks – 1.5 m. Bone sides are present compartments for fastening the joysticks. Power supply from the standard 5V adapter with a microUSB connector. Fast access to the selection section of the built-in games using the RESET button. Compatibility with dendy and NES cartridges. Turbo analogue of the buttons A and B, replacing the multiple pressing on the button.


Stationary Game Console


Dandy platform is compatible with the Retro Genesis HD Ultra game console, so you can not worry about the quality of games. When connecting to the TV, the image resolution can reach Full HD, so the picture will always be a clear. Included with the prefix there are as many as 132 games, so any player will pick up something for himself.

Stationary Game Console


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