Strong Desoldering Pump


This quick-acting solder removal tool will help you complete the task quickly and safely.

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The desoldering pump body made of premium quality ABS material, with non-slip sponge and nylon nozzle, anti-static, heat resistant and durable.

How to Use


The desoldering pump, designed with a double ring and an open “vacuum” button, allows you to effectively remove solder from the PCB by pressing it and pressing the trigger button with one hand.



Skills of Using Suction Cup Solder

1. Make sure the solder piston is well sealed. Before turning on the power, close the small solder hole with a suction cup with your fingers and press the button. If the piston is not easy to float in place, the seal is good.

2. The solder head diaphragm has different sizes, so you should choose the appropriate specifications.

3. After the tin suction cup is used, replace it with a new one.

4. Before contact with the solder joint, a little pine every time, improves the solder flow.

5. The head is in contact with the solder joint a little longer. When the solder melts, take the solder pin as the center, draw a circle clockwise with your hand, and then press the tin absorber button





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