Tecsun ICR-100 Recorder Portable Receiver


The receiver has a high sensitivity of 3 μV, so that the user can enjoy reliable reception even in the conditions of a long transmitter distance and obstructions. The operating range is wide – 76-108MHz.

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The Tecsun ICR-100 is a portable digital radio receiver that you can carry with you all the time – it will easily fit in your pants or jacket pocket. With it, you will always have offline access to the air of your favorite radio stations.


Listen to What You Like Whenever You Want

Strictly speaking, the functionality of the Tecsun ICR-100 is not limited to receiving FM waves: it is also a pocket audio player and recorder. You can load audio files into it in popular MP3, WMA, WAV music formats – for this, the model has a port for a MicroSD flash memory card with a capacity of up to 32 GB.

An important feature is a recorder with the ability to record to a memory card from three different sources:

  • Voice recorder – recording is carried out on the built-in microphone
  • Recording of radio broadcasts
  • Recording from an external audio source connected to the AUX jack 3.5 input

A small backlit display on the front panel will help you to control the duration of the session.


Tecsun ICR-100 Recorder Portable Receiver Tecsun ICR-100 Recorder Portable Receiver Tecsun ICR-100 Recorder Portable Receiver Tecsun ICR-100 Recorder Portable Receiver


Ease of Wearing and Using

The device has a thoughtful design. The edges of the rectangular box are rounded so that they will not dig into the body even when walking intensively or running with it in your pocket. It is comfortable to carry the Tecsun ICR-100 radio in your hand. Due to its small dimensions, it fits nicely in the palm of your hand, and the loop fastening for threading the brush prevents accidental falling out of your hands.

Management is carried out using the buttons on the top sidebar. They are quite large, and it is easy to press them even in the dark or without taking the device out of the bag or case.

The speaker is quite large and loud, but the headphone jack is provided in the case – when you connect them, you can continue listening without disturbing others.


The Package Includes:

  • Tecsun ICR-100 Receiver
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • BL-5C Lithium Battery

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