Tecsun R-303 All-wave Portable Receiver


All-wave portable radio receiver Tecsun R-303 can receive radio stations with AM modulation (medium and short waves) and FM modulation (ultra-short waves). The AM broadcasting range is divided in the receiver into medium (MW) and short waves (SW), and the extended FM range includes not only a section of ultrashort waves, but the soundtrack of television channels from the second to the fifth. You can connect headphones to the unit for private reception of broadcast stations.



The Tecsun R-303 radio receiver is small in size, but provides a loud and high-quality sound, thanks to a large speaker that occupies most of the front panel. To the right of the loudspeaker on the front panel is an analog mechanical scale with marked frequencies of three ranges and TV channel labels (from the second to the fifth). On the right side wall of the receiver there are two cutouts for the protruding parts of the tuning wheels at the station and volume control. Below them is a headphone jack. The range switch is located on the top panel of the device. The retractable telescopic antenna folds into a groove on the top of the back cover of the receiver. And the bottom of the rear panel is a compartment for batteries or batteries, as well as a connector for the power cord.

To carry the Tecsun R-303 all-wave portable receiver, a plastic handle is used, which, when not in use, is hidden behind the back panel. An important convenience of the receiver is the ability to be powered by AA or C (R14) batteries, as well as from the built-in power supply from the 220 V network. Controlling the device is so simple that even a child can figure it out without instructions. Portable radio receiver Tecsun R-303 will be an excellent purchase for home or office, and at the same time, you can always take it with you to the country, to nature, on a hike.

Tecsun R-303 All-wave Portable Receiver
Tecsun R-303 All-wave Portable Receiver

Advantages of the Tecsun R-303 Extended FM-TV Receiver

  1. Loud quality sound.
  2. Extended FM range.
  3. Ability to receive TV programs.
  4. Built-in battery charger.
  5. Four food options.
  • Loud high-quality sound in the Tecsun R-303 radio receiver is provided by a large full-range speaker.
  • Extended FM range from 63 to 108 MHz allows you to listen to broadcasting stations on any standards.
  • The device provides the possibility of receiving TV-programs. Of course, we are talking only about the reception of sound accompaniment of television programs.
  • Built-in charging provides a charge of nickel-cadmium or metal-hydride batteries.
  • The Tecsun R-303 radio receiver can be powered from a 220 V network, from an external 4.5 V adapter, batteries or accumulators.

Features of Tecsun R-303 Analog Portable Receiver

  1. Analog scale.
  2. Fine tuning indicator.
  3. Power mode indicator.
  • The analog scale of the Tecsun R-303 portable radio receiver provides a clear visual representation of the selected band and the current tuning to the radio station.
  • To accurately hit the frequency of the broadcasting station, the device has a Tune indicator.
  • The AC/Charge indicator is designed to display information about mains power or battery charging mode.
Tecsun R-303 All-wave Portable Receiver


Recommendations for Using the Tecsun R-303 All-wave Portable Radio Receiver

The Tecsun R-303 all-wave portable radio receiver is recommended for receiving FM broadcast radio stations in the city. Short and medium waves will be better heard away from city noise: in the country, on a hike, when going out into the countryside. This is a convenient stationary receiver for home or office powered by 220 V, however, it can be easily turned into a portable installation of batteries or accumulators at any time.

We recommend that you look at the entire catalog of receivers to select the best radio receiver for your application.

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