Toolour Helping Welding Tool with Table Clamp


Alligator clamps can be rotated 360°, every alligator clip with a silicone cover, to avoid your goods scratching or squeezing.



Toolour upgraded helping hand with soldering iron stand is very suitable for professionals / amateurs to repair circuit boards, jewelry, models, paintings etc.


Upgrade Helping Hands with Soldering Iron Stand and 3X Magnifier

The newly-added soldering iron stand provides a convenient storage place for soldering iron tools and avoids placing them anywhere after use. It can better protect and prolong the service life of the soldering iron tools.

3X Magnifying glass with 5W 42 LED light, the colour temperature of LED light can be adjusted in 3 steps and the brightness can be adjusted in 10 steps, powered by USB, it can meet various working environments.


Flexible Gooseneck Arms & Heavy Duty Table Clamp

The helping hands are made of steel not plastic, sturdier. Each stainless-steel alligator clamp can be adjusted to the exact position you want with the turn of your fingers.

The table metal clamp easy to operate. The table clamp with black soft rubber pad. Clamp the table tightly, prevent slipping.


3 Ways to Weld

This helping hand has three assembly methods for welding. You can choose the assembly state you want to complete your welding work as you like.



How to Install?

1. Align the semi-circular iron plate with the hole of the vise clamp, use the screw and the screwdriver to lock it. (refer to STEP 1 and 3)

2. Rotate and assemble the soldering iron holder in a clockwise direction. Align the gooseneck arm and magnifying glass with the screw hole for assembly, and use the wrench to lock it (refer to STEP 2)

3. Install the alligator clips to the gooseneck arm and lock it with screws. Install the vise clamp on the table or workbench, and you can start your work. (refer to STEP 4)

3X Magnifying Lamp & 3 Colour Light

The hand soldering magnifying glass with LED tube can magnify 3 times, allowing you to have clearer vision and work more efficiently. Daytime bright 5 W 42 LED lamp powered by USB, which has 3 colour and can be adjusted by a key button (total of 10 brightness levels).


Heavy Duty Coated Table Clamp

The table clamp of welding assistant is a desktop fixture with soft rubber clamping pads, which can provide a tighter anti-skid point position, and make the base more stable and firmer. One clip clamp is equipped with multiple installation and use methods (four arms and magnifier; one arm & magnifier; two arms, etc.), which is flexible and convenient



Base Material Aluminum Alloy Magnifying Glass Multiple 3X LED Magnifying Glass
Universal Joint Pipe Material Spring Steel LED 42 SMD LED Lights
Universal Joint Pipe Length 240 mm / 400 mm Lens Diameter 55 mm

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg