TS80/P Soldering Iron Tip


The tips themselves have a ceramic heating core which allows for fast, precise temperature control.




With the awesome TS-Series of soldering irons from miniware, it’s easy to see how electronics are becoming far more accessible and portable than ever before, with these tools offering a way to enjoy on-the-go prototyping, repairs, maintenance and making without having to bring projects back to the workshop between each test. However, even the best tool in the workshop can be completely useless without the right accessories, as it’s often the accessories that really bring out the best in each and every tool. With these TS80/P B02 rounded conical tip soldering iron tips being an excellent example, adding functionality to an already-awesome tool and letting you really get the most out of your favourite prototyping tools.


TS80P Portable Soldering Iron from Miniware, and feature a unique audio jack connection to make them as easy as possible to plug, unplug and swap out as you need them.

They are designed to the rounded conical standard, which is usually considered the stock-standard tip type in soldering, and are ideally stocked as a simple replacements for when your Soldering Tips get old, oxidised or damaged, giving new life to the TS80 or TS80P irons once they start losing their touch.


This means that even when your TS80 or TS80P starts struggling to melt or apply solder in the way you want, you can revitalise it with a simple yet great quality B02 Rounded Conical solder tip to get straight back into the game and start Making, Prototyping, repairing and maintaining all of your projects – either with a reliable PSU at your workbench or while on the go with a trusty power bank.


  • Internal heating using ceramic heating core, heating speed, long life.
  • Unique 3.5 mm audio jack is pluggable for easy mounting of the soldering head.
  • Made of high quality materials, easy to change, improve work efficiency.
  • These soldering tips are suitable for TS80 TS 80P welding platform.






Supplier Miniware Soldering Iron Compatibility TS80 / TS80P
Tip Series TS80-B02 Welding Tip Length 8 mm
Tip Type Conical / Rounded Diameter 5.5 mm
Heating Core Integrated Length 100 mm

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