Universal Remote Controller Virtual Reality


Any smartphone owner today is capable not only to enjoy virtual reality but also to manage it for this it is necessary to purchase a special manipulator. This small device has powered by a pair of conventional batteries, an ergonomic case, which is conveniently placed in the hand, as well as control keys and a small joystick. Using this console, the user will be able to interact with the elements of the virtual space, moving inside it and make various actions.


This is a mini-joystick that is suitable for use with devices operating both on the basis of the Android operating system and on iOS. It is ideally compatible with virtual reality glasses. Connecting this accessory is based on Bluetooth technology, which is very convenient during its use. Power is carried out from batteries, which, if necessary, is very easy to replace (the batteries are not included).

Universal Remote Controller Virtual Reality

The joystick is concluded in a durable case made of plastic. Its ergonomic shape and size are ideally suited for hold in hand. By default, the joystick is in the controller mode, this means that it serves as a mouse for a mobile device. You must keep it in a vertical position, in one hand. In addition, you can switch to modes: gamepad, music, video, VR still holding it vertically. This is very important because if you kept the joystick with both hands, you would not have the opportunity to touch the glasses, adjusting them, or performing any other activities.

Universal Remote Controller Virtual Reality



  • For Android, for iOS, for Samsung, for htc, pc
  • Material: PC + ABS
  • Battery: AAA 1.5 V Battery
  • Waiting time: 300 H
  • Managing Distance: 10 m
  • Weight: 45.5 g
  • Product dimension: 130 x 33 x 44 mm

Universal Remote Controller Virtual Reality


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