WH138-1 Rotary Potentiometer With Switch


The potentiometer (variable resistor) WH138-1 can be used to control the volume of sound, the speed of rotation of motors, brightness and other parameters that are changed by voltage or current.



Thick iron shell, corrosion and oxidation resistance, long-term use without rust, long service life.

Carbon film potentiometers are generally used in medical equipment, mixers, toys, bicycle audio, power amplifiers, radios, DVD/VCD, televisions, electronic message equipment, headphones, lamps and other electronic equipment.



General Specifications
Shaft Diameter
6 mm
Shaft Length
20 mm
Outer Diameter
24 mm
2 W


Mechanical Specifications
Total Rotation Angle
Shaft Stop Strength
6 Min
Switch Working Angle / Stroke
50° ± 10°
Switch Working Force / Torq
150 ~ 4500
Rotary Life
10,000 cycles


Electrical Specifications
Total Resistance
1 kOhm ~ 500 kOhm
Resistance Tolerance
Resistance Taper
A, B, C
Switch Rating
125 V DC / 1 A
Switch Contact Resistance
≤ 20 MOhm
Rated Wattage
0.05 W
Rated Voltage
500 V 250 V
Insulation Resistance
DC 500 V 100 MΩ
AC 500 V, 1 minute
Rotational Noise
≤ 47 mV
Residual Resistance
R ≥ 250 kOhm: 0.1%


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