Wired Vibration Game Controller Joystick


The separation of the throttle rumper, the analog vibration, programming with 16 keys has 7-axis, two 8-position widget covers, and 16 separate motion control keys The engine allows the game to realistically reproduce the joystick with the engine switch control.


Contests from the “Rocker Arm” and “throttle”, with 7 axes, two 8th help of hard caps of keys and 16 independent motion control keys, which can be powered by 16 x 3 function keys, the extension provides real interactive experience Compatible with practically flying games: World of Tanks, Tear World, War Thunder, Assault Skyline, Microsoft Simulator, X Plane 10. Please turn on the computer first, then connect the PXN-2119 joystick, connect and play without installing the driver if the device is not Do not work, please download the PXN-2119 driver from the official site E-PXN home page, products, Arcade Stick, download, after a successful connection Enter the interface mode to set up the game to install it in the joystick mode, and install the buttons on the joystick in the function in the function game. If the computer cannot recognize PXN-2119, please download the PXN-2119 driver or check if the USB interface is damaged.


Wired Vibration Game Controller Joystick


If the button does not work after connecting, please enter the game and select the joystick mode to the “Interface of the Settings”, or download the PXN-2119 driver, refer to the E-PXN official site, service, the joystick of the X-Plane11 button “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 »Joystick installation textbook. In accordance with the ergonomic design, the built-in engine, make the game implement a rocker, as well as managing the switching of the engine; Manipulate and chase the plane of the army, successfully block, strive and pull the trigger. The shot is so simple. The controller software supports keyboard and mouse settings, adjusting dead areas, mapping keys, axis maps, and many other custom settings, creating the configuration of your personalization according to the needs of the game.

Wired Vibration Game Controller Joystick



  1. Real airflow vibration experience and allow you.
  2. The combination of excellent engineering design provides a real interactive flight experience.
  3. Built-in engine to make the game realistic playback Rocker feel, with the engine switch control.
  4. Players can freely edit settings for the keyboard matching function.
  5. The driver was recognized by Microsoft’s digital signature, you can be sure that the installation and use.

Wired Vibration Game Controller Joystick


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