Wireless Binaural Stereo Headphones


Experience music in its purest form with our Wireless Binaural Stereo Headphones. Designed specifically for the discerning music lover, these headphones provide a professional-grade audio experience that is sure to impress.


With a transmission range of 10 meters, you can enjoy your favorite tunes without being tied down by pesky cables. Voice control functionality allows you to effortlessly navigate through tracks and adjust volume levels, all with simple voice commands.

The call function feature ensures that you never miss an important phone call while immersed in your music world. Seamlessly switch between listening to your favorite tracks and taking calls with just one touch of a button.

Wireless Binaural Stereo Headphones Wireless Binaural Stereo Headphones

Our Wireless Binaural Stereo Headphones also support multi-point connection, allowing you to connect multiple devices simultaneously. Now you can seamlessly transition from streaming on your laptop to answering calls on your smartphone without missing a beat.

Featuring true stereo sound channels, these headphones envelop you in rich audio that captures every nuance of each instrument and vocalist. Whether it’s soaring guitar solos or crisp vocals, our double stereo design delivers unparalleled clarity and depth.

Wireless Binaural Stereo Headphones Wireless Binaural Stereo Headphones

In addition, our headphones boast active noise reduction (ANC) technology, enabling you to block out unwanted background noise and immerse yourself fully in the music experience. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to pure auditory bliss.

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Weight 0.70 kg
Dimensions 150 × 200 × 33 cm



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