Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Voice Control


Experience unparalleled audio quality with the state-of-the-art Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Voice Control. Specially crafted for the discerning music lover, this professional-grade HIFI Stereo Headset pushes sonic boundaries to new heights.


With a remarkable transmission range of up to 20 meters, indulge in seamless wireless connectivity without compromising on sound clarity. Stay effortlessly connected as you revel in your favorite tracks with our multi-point connection feature that allows simultaneous pairing with multiple devices.

Equipped with advanced functionality, this headset boasts an array of impressive features designed to enhance your listening experience. The battery display ensures you never miss a beat by providing real-time power status updates, while the NFC function simplifies pairing by enabling instant connectivity at just a touch.

Effortlessly manage phone calls and stay hands-free during important conversations using the convenient call function built into these headphones. Unleash your inner DJ and take full control over your music library through voice commands enabled by our cutting-edge voice control feature.

Our commitment to excellence extends even further with comprehensive overcharge and overdischarge protection board present within the high-quality battery. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your device’s longevity is safeguarded against potential charging mishaps.

Boasting an innovative Bluetooth protocol version 5.0, expect lightning-fast connections coupled with improved efficiency for uninterrupted listening pleasure throughout extended playback sessions.

Immerse yourself in rich basslines, crystal-clear highs, and captivating vocals – all delivered effortlessly through this premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphone set tailored perfectly for every music enthusiast.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Voice Control Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Voice Control

Additional information

Weight 0.29 kg
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 30 cm

Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White


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