Wireless Charging High Capacity


The advantages of this external battery are a beautiful and stylish LED display, displays the remaining power at any time to avoid problems with the work or life caused by insufficient power when exiting.



Small charge recharges. After the battery charge reaches 90%, it automatically switches to the continuous current mode that protects the mobile phone battery. Double Output 2A, Wireless Charging also allows you to charge other mobile phones, including iPad and other electronic devices. Thin and lightweight, without fixed position, exquisite and portable, can be charged in your hand, you can also charge your pocket. Large capacity, do not worry about the absence of electricity, lithium-polymer battery 20,000 mAh. With mobile phones, they can also be charged without wires. Apple to Apple 8, 8p, x, Samsung Note 5, 8, S6, 6 EDGE, S7, 7 EDGE, S8, Nokia, Google and other mobile phones with wireless charging support, mobile phones that do not support wireless charging, you must use with the receiver.

Wireless Charging High Capacity




  • Product model: mobile power
  • Capacity: 20000 mAh
  • Input: 5 V / 2 A
  • Output: 2 USB, 5 V, 2.1 A (MAX)
  • Battery type: polymer lithium ion battery
  • Compatibility: smart phones and 9 % tablets
  • Size: 73 mm x 153 mm x 22 mm
  • Conversion rate: 75 (%)

Wireless Charging High Capacity


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