Wireless Headset with High Sensitivity Microphone


Experience unparalleled sound quality and remarkable convenience with our Wireless Headset with High Sensitivity Microphone. Designed exclusively for music enthusiasts like you, this Bluetooth headphone effortlessly combines style, functionality, and professional-grade performance.


Choose from an array of seven vibrant colors to suit your individual taste and make a bold statement while enjoying your favorite tunes. With its impressive transmission distance capability of up to 10 meters, immerse yourself in seamless audio wherever you go.

Equipped with highly sensitive microphones strategically positioned for optimal clarity, every lyric and note will be captured flawlessly—ensuring that you don’t miss a beat during intense phone calls or recording sessions. The compact size of 152 x 79 x 180 mm ensures easy portability without compromising on the exceptional sound experience these headphones offer.

Powered by a sturdy 3.7V600mah battery capacity, rest assured that these wireless headsets are engineered for endurance. Enjoy up to five hours of uninterrupted listening pleasure before recharging becomes necessary—a feature designed specifically for your busy lifestyle.

The lug size of 70 mm guarantees comfort throughout extended usage periods, so you can savor long playlists or comfortably delve into intricate musical arrangements without distractions. Whether at work or play, stay connected wirelessly without sacrificing audio quality or convenience—the ultimate harmony between technology and music lovers’ needs.

Wireless Headset with High Sensitivity Microphone Wireless Headset with High Sensitivity Microphone Wireless Headset with High Sensitivity Microphone

Additional information

Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 250 × 200 × 100 cm

Black, Black Brown, Black Grey, White, White Blue, White Pink


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