WX14-12 Wirewound Potentiometer


Single-turn wirewound potentiometer generally used in medical equipment, mixers, toys, stereos, car stereos, power amplifier, radio. DVD / VCD, TV, electronic message equipment, earphones. Lamps and other related electronic digital and electronic equipment.


The potentiometer is a continuously adjustable resistor. When the rotary or sliding handle of the potentiometer is adjusted, the movable contact slides on the resistor body. At this time, at the output end of the potentiometer, an output voltage that has a certain relationship with the external voltage of the potentiometer and the angle or stroke of the movable arm can be obtained. When the potentiometer is used as a rheostat, it should be connected as a two-end device, so that within the stroke range of the potentiometer, a smooth and continuous resistance value can be obtained. When the potentiometer is used as a current controller, one of the selected current output terminals must be the sliding contact terminal.



B470 Ω ~ B22 kΩ
Resistance Tolerance
Rated Power
3 W
Working Voltage
200 V
Max. Operating Voltage
450 – 500 V
Operating Temperature
20°C ~ 70°C
Rotating Angle
300° ± 5°
Insulation Resistance
≥100 MΩ
Shaft Diameter
4 mm
Outer Diameter
24 mm


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